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CANTON Cafe & Restaurant Group was formed and registered in 2006 by Mr. Benjamin Siu in Kogarah. Food quality, health and hygiene and speed and quality of customer service are the main focuses of our business.

CANTON Cafe & Restaurant Group operating three locations in Sydney, Eastwood, Burwood & Haymarket.  We strive to provide high quality of Hong Kong Style food and exceptional customer service. 

Eastwood Canton Cafe.jpg

CANTON (Eastwood)

We have recently completed the renovation project in Burwood to create a modern dining experience to our customers. 

Soft opening on 19/01/2021, from 11:00am to 9:00pm

Then 7 days a week.

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We fuses East (Hong Kong Style) and West traditional dishes to bring a new twist to local dishes as we aware of the ever-changing needs and tastes of the customers.


CANTON Cafe & Restaurant Group operation is committed to consistently serving high quality food with wide range menu selection and fast and efficient service at competitive prices – enabling these dining outlets to maintain and increase their business and patronage.

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CANTON (Burwood)

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